About the institution


An Egyptian institution for disease vector control registered in the Central Administration of Associations and Federations and publicized with No. (961) for the year 2020, the Ministry of Social Solidarity, working to improve the surrounding environment and spread awareness of the importance of preserving the environment and health and combating disease vectors.


Foundation services

Educational services

Cooperating with the authorities and ministries concerned with education in order to advance the educational process and contribute to preparing training courses after the approval of the competent authorities.

Establishing and managing private universities, institutes and schools or contributing to their establishment after the approval of the competent authorities and in accordance with the applicable rules.

Contribution to technical and technological education support

Health Services

Providing material and in-kind assistance and providing medical care and treatment for patients who are unable to do so.

Contributing to the development of national bodies, institutes and hospitals working in the field of health care by providing their requirements, and providing the technical and material support and expertise necessary to activate their activities to serve the community.

Organize medical convoys.

Cultural and scientific services

Holding conferences, seminars and workshops that will achieve integration between the academic community and the professional community.

Contributing to preparing educational competitions to select the best student elements in schools and universities.

Foundation goals

Improving the surrounding environment and spreading awareness of the importance of preserving the environment and health
And disease vector control, disinfection and sterilization.

Among the Foundation’s goals are: consumer protection, environmental protection and preservation, economic development and social assistance.