Improving the surrounding environment and spreading awareness of the importance of preserving the environment and health And disease vector control, disinfection and sterilization. The foundation’s goals also include: consumer protection, environmental protection and preservation, economic development and social

Foundation goals

consumer protection

 Educating the masses of their rights before producers and sellers, participating in combating fraud and tax evasion, assisting in raising the quality of the Egyptian industry to compete in global markets, and raising the slogan “Made with pride in Egypt” through seminars, conferences and awareness workshops. Strengthening food control and quality control systems to protect consumers’ health and ensure their safety.

economical development

Establishing projects for employing new graduates. Establishing projects of craftsmen to train individuals in order to aid in living and work to increase family income. Establishing orphanages, and working to take care of them and provide them with the necessary support. Contribution to the reclamation of desert lands.

Environmental protection and preservation.

Carrying out all activities related to environmental protection through seminars, lectures, conferences and programs to educate citizens on how to preserve the environment, as well as afforestation, participate in the maintenance of facilities, and carry out sterilization and disinfection campaigns, among others. Work on controlling disease vectors represented in rodents, adult flies, fly larvae, as well as mosquito larvae and others, through awareness and sterilization and disinfection campaigns. Work on the mobilization and distribution of disinfectants and sterilizers through specialists to contribute to the control of disease vectors and others, either free of charge or for a nominal fee, which is included in the institution’s account to support its activities.


Social aid

Providing financial and in-kind assistance to those who are unable in all fields and sponsoring an orphan.
Contributing to the continuous delivery of water in the poorest and most needy villages and hamlets.
Contribution to the renewal, roofing and reconstruction of homes in the poorest villages and hamlets.
“All these purposes shall be implemented in accordance with the provisions of Law No. 149 of 2019 and the executive regulations of repealed Law No. 84 of 2002.